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Carmel Summit Productions

Want to host a Virtual Summit? It’s a GREAT way to build a mailing list, raise your profile and even earn a bit of money. But it’s also a major undertaking. And if you don’t know how to put all the pieces together, the whole thing can come crashing down fast.

I’ve produced my own summits, coached summit hosts, and helped clients participate in summits as speakers, so I’ve been involved from every angle. And I know the exact tools and systems YOU need to make it successful. You can have the best experts in the world, but if your systems are not set up properly, it won’t matter.

I will hold your hand through each and every step – from conception to close. I’ve got all the forms, checklists and tips for smooth sailing

Steps to Success

There are three primary areas in which I work with clients:

Strategic Production

Strategic consultation and planning for the summit. Includes consultation on theme, title and banner, creation of speaker requirements, and post-event strategy.

Technical Production

Full technical consultation, planning and implementation for the summit. Includes set up of all web pages, email list and shopping cart integration, and daily event support.

Speaker Management

Communication and coordination with speakers and affiliates throughout summit. Includes collection of key data, creation of promotional packets, and tracking of all pertinent data.