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Equipped to help solve HR challenges and meeting business goals such as time to hire, new hire orientation, management training, and overall HR strategy. We have a Business-Orientated and People-First strategy focus in order to prioritize your people so you can prioritize your profits.

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HR Consulting Process

In order to deliver outstanding service that address the pain points and obstacles facing your organization, Ezer Unfolding follows a process that begins with a Roadmap – a strategic, living document that aligns, prioritizes, and communicates the teams work and the problems it needs to solve. This helps us to make realistic promises, value functionality, and establish strategic plans that can be expanded upon for further projects end future growth.

Successful road mapping, or strategy planning, for each project includes these 6 key high-level steps:

  • Establish Goals – Determine the purpose of each goal and who should be involved.
  • Gather Inputs – Collect problems that need to be solved from all involved stakeholders as well as any existing research.
  • Create Sub-Themes – Cluster problems and issues into similar themes.
  • Prioritize the Themes- Establish criteria, assess, and rank the themes according to highest priorities.
  • Visualize and Implement – plot themes into timeline, share with the people involved, and begin implementation of solutions
  • Revisit and Update – As milestones are met and deliverables are deployed, we’ll routinely return to the strategy document and make adjustments as necessary.