Why Ezer Unfolding?

Ezer comes from the Hebrew word for “help”, but not just the “let me give you a hand with this” type help. The root word has a connotation of “shield, strength, protector”, basically an aid that comes in to help deliver decided victory. Recognizing the incredible potential and capacity that people possess in themselves, Ezer Unfolding is about opening up and guiding others to fulfill their goals, being that powerful ally in unleashing and achieving professional success!

Who is Ezer Unfolding?

Akpene Torku Sims is a Strategic Developer who loves to reach into the chaos and confusion of business and life and create something beautiful and powerful. Her mission has always been about seeing the potential in people and helping them be who they already are. As a Coach and Consultant, Akpene inspires people to unleash themselves and their businesses through assessment, encouragement, and equipping, which in turn allows them step into successful leaders, deliver quality services or products, and leave an incredible mark in their spheres of influence.

For over twenty years, Akpene has studied, researched, and helped individuals, leaders, and small businesses realize their purpose, vision, persona, and inspiration. From individual coaching to company trainings, she has worked with people all over the world find their focus and succeed in the next stage of their journey. She has over two decades of experience in human resources, small business and non-profit start-ups, change and project management, as well as leadership coaching, mentoring, and training across a variety of sectors.

Professionals, leaders, and business owners hire Akpene to improve, engage, and mobilize their teams, navigate change, expand their influence, and ultimately grow their business and their leadership abilities. Ezer Unfolding works with individuals and organizations to tame the chaos and bring about positive changes that they could not do without professional support. We work with business leaders to providing solutions to make them and their business more effective and productive, executives working toward career breakthrough and looking to expand their leadership impact, and organizations looking to improve their employee experience by reducing turnover, creating a culture of leaders, and engaging her teams

Akpene is a Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional (SHRM – SCP) as well as a Six Sigma – Green Belt. She carries certifications in Executive and Change Management and is a Fellow with the New York Leadership Center, completing the Fellows Leadership Training in 2014. Akpene is married to her wonderfully supportive husband, has a love of tabletop games, reading, and archery. She continues to mentor and teach young people in identity and life skills, and is constantly tinkering with her culinary arts. Drop her a line, she would love to chat!!