How Far Can You Go?

What do you limit yourself to when you do things the way you’ve always done them? 

I read in an article long ago lost,  “Although we humans can be remarkably inventive, we are also resistant to change and can be persistently stubborn (or perhaps ‘practical’) in trying to apply old situations to new conditions.”

Do you find yourself living out the definition of crazy: doing something the same way and expecting different results?

We sometimes limit ourselves to the same path that we’ve always walked, or what other people have done before us because we don’t know any different, or even because we’re afraid to go off the road.

How can you find out how far you can go if you only go where you’ve already been? Casting all barriers aside, what would you do with no obstacles in sight?

Is anyone else humming the song from Moana? 

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Akpene is a whiz at organizing the chaotic and overwhelming clutter for start-ups, small business leaders and entrepreneurs by listening and identifying focus and strategies so we can define and implement forward direction for a sustaining and successful business.

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