I recently had the privilege of being on a podcast with John Sanchez of On RAMP to Success, a group dedicated to helping people with self-development.

“Speaker and coach, Akpene Torku Sims, embodies the true meaning of an Ezer, a strong person who protects and delivers; a strong ally. She inspires people to find that Ezer within themselves through assessment, encouragement, and equipping, which in turn allows them step into powerful leaders who slay obstacles, deliver quality services or products, and leave an incredible mark in their spheres of influence.

Akpene has over a decade of experience in project, process, and event management, small business and non-profit start-ups, as well as coaching and mentoring individuals and businesses across a variety of sectors. She has built up the tools to be an advocate for women, inspiring and encouraging them to Be a Boss, Expand their Empires, and Leave a Legacy.”

Link to podcast:

On RAMP to Success – Akpene Torku Sims

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