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I recently was a guest on a podcast series with Ethan Nash of Nash Consulting, a business and management consulting group in consulting who do awesome work in equipping leaders, engaging employees, and improving organizations (you can see why I connect with them, right?). We had a blast talking about Personalities in the Workplace – so much so, we’ll be doing a part 2 in the new year – but buckle in as we talk about everything from archery to diversifying your team!

“If you know your personality, then you figure out you’re not broken, you’re not a failure. You’ve just been trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. So let’s find a square hole.” – Akpene Torku Sims

Please welcome to the show business coach and consultant Akpene Torku Sims (see her bio below). Ethan and Akpene discuss archery (yes, archery), how Akpene helps clients understand who they are in the workplace and life, recognizing the different ways people show up, introverts and extroverts in the workplace, processing styles, behavior styles, how to recognize tension points in yourself and others, how to make better decisions by diversifying your team, and more. Enjoy!

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Akpene is a whiz at organizing the chaotic and overwhelming clutter for start-ups, small business leaders and entrepreneurs by listening and identifying focus and strategies so we can define and implement forward direction for a sustaining and successful business.

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